Shopify limits

What is the right way to pick shopify limits? What kind of limitation shopify can have? See the latest tips from leading limits app!

Shopify limits

How to Find the Perfect Shopify Limits for your store

Finding the right limits in your online store can be a difficult process, especially if you’re new to that business. There are wide variaty of shopify limitations that can be applied to users cart. It’s critical that you create limits which you can sell more item at an affordable price point for your customers, than to turn them down and make another abondoned cart. One of the easiest ways you can achieve this is by running your business testing different shopify limits. When you’ve made the right limitations model, there’s no limit to the amount of profit which you can generate. We’ve created this article to give the ideas of restrictions you can add for your store. At the end of this article you’ll be armed with all the necessary information you need to start sourcing great dropshipping products and get started with your store today.

Why Should You Customize Checkout?

There are two main reasons why you might want to add a limitation to your shopify store. The first one is obviously unprofitable orders. Let's say you're selling hairpins and you don't want to waste time on sending 1 item in a parcel, beacuse revenue will be low. You can rely on upsell app and hope that customer will purchase something else, but let's be honest, chances of buying additional product to $3 dollar hair pin is too low. The second reason is that you might want to add shopify limits as a "hard" upsell app. Think about Apple business model: if you want to use MacOS or iOS - it's free, but you have to purchase our phone for $999 (or even more expensive MacBook!). There are a lot of limitations like that in real life: premium lounges, premium cars, etc.

What kind of limits I can add?

There are several types of limits that you can come up with.

  1. The main (and the most easy limit) is . Assume you have 10% markup, so that means having 10$ cart will bring you only 1$ after taxes, marketing expenses and covering product costs. Not much, huh? If you add a limit, let's say, 100$ minimum you either get minimum 10$ from each order or you don't need to do anything. Sounds good?
  2. Another thing is that you want to add limitation to your product quantity. If you have a product, that is in high demand and can make a good marketing effect to your store you may want to sell it to as many customers as possible. Easy! Just add a limit 1 product per checkout!
  3. Quantity per order – you can turn your shop into wholesale by appliying limits to items you sell.
  4. By number of identical items – selling small products or some of your products are in high demand? You can easily add limits by identical items.
  5. By weight – you can restrict on parcel weight by adding minimum/maximum limits

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